Browser Implementation Readiness Test (BIRT)

To test your current browser against the BIRT, please enter any of the optional information below (which will be included in the final report), then press Begin BIR Test.


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The Browser Implementation Readiness Test (BIRT) is an Open Source tool for testing browser compatibility to the Smarter Balanced Open Specification for Secure Browsers (OSSB) communication with educational software. BIRT not only tests browser compatibility with the OSSB but also tests browsers for a number of other protocols and specifications such as HTML5, CSS3, Text-to-Speech, Web Audio API for playback and MediaStream Recording for recording.

To optimize the implementation process, Smarter Balanced not only defined the OSSB but is also releasing a set of Secure Browsers under an Open Specification and as Open Source software.

Smarter Balanced is releasing the BIRT as a tool for Implementation Readiness to be used by any browser manufacturer to verify that their browser works properly and is compatible with the OSSB. Smarter Balanced hopes that by leading the way with an Open Specification, and by making it available for other browser manufacturers, the end result will be such that schools will have a set of choices for secure browsers to be used with all of the available Test Delivery Systems employed for assessing student performance.